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PowerOptimal, founded in 2014, is a leader in sustainable, smart, simple energy solutions, specialising in hot water. Our technology platform is built on proven South African electricity demand management technology, with a strong track record of successful installations over more than 10 years.

Our intellectual property and manufacturing are proudly South African. Our engineers bring over 60 years’ combined experience in light current electrical design and manufacturing.

Introducing Elon®:

Our Elon® solar PV water heating solution allows for direct connection of solar PV (photovoltaic) panels to standard electric water heaters (geysers). Using our proprietary direct current (DC) switching technology, water heating using solar PV is now cost-competitive with solar water heaters and heat pump systems and with much longer lifetimes and minimal maintenance.

With our proven technology, track record of successful installations and experienced team we can help you save money and manage your electricity supply limitations whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

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Our Team

Richard is a successful entrepreneur that has been involved in more than 20 technology start-up and small businesses in various capacities.

Richard is passionate about people, marketing and strategic communications, and how these expertise can be used effectively to underpin business development strategies.

Liesbeth has over 20 years experience as an executive in the digital innovation, investment, and high-tech space. Prior roles: Partner / Director / Digital Lead PwC Africa. Executive Director: Materials Science and Manufacturing, CSIR. Executive Director: Innovation and Commercialization, Stellenbosch University. Professor of Electronic and Computer Engineering at Pretoria University. She holds a PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University.

She’s an engineer at heart, and a fearless adventurer. She wants to fix things and help preserve the planet so she can keep on exploring. She knows it takes a village to raise a child.

Sean has a PhD in Chemical Engineering, Management Advancement Programme from Wits Business School and is a Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP). He has over 20 years of experience in engineering, R&D, product development, management of R&D, IP management and technology commercialisation.

Sean is passionate about the Energy Revolution and its potential to change the world.

Johan is a light current systems designer, inventor and developer of the PowerGuard® and Elon® technologies. He has over 40 years’ experience in light current systems. Johan has his own successful electronics design and manufacturing business, Crane Electronics CC.

Andrew has a BSc (Eng) in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. He has over 25 years of experience in software development, product design and systems engineering. He has worked in both startup and multinational environments and holds international patents in smart grid technology and telecommunications.

Andrew believes that sustainable value is unlocked by following a systems approach and leveraging information in a connected world.

James graduated from Vega School Cape Town with a BBA in Brand Building & Management. A self-described environmentalist with a passion for building brands that make real, measurable impact on earth. Bringing a youthful perspective and energy to the team- ensuring environmental activism and impact are the core values of every decision made at PowerOptimal.

Barry is a practical hands on individual with deep experience ranging from ground level to management responsibility in both SA & Internationally in the following sectors: Electrical installation contracting; Large Scale Data and Telecommunications infrastructure planning and implementation; Regional operational and financial management role – consumer product sales and service centre including connected device solutions. Barry is a certified PV Green Card Installer.

Barry is passionate about people and has a thirst for knowledge in all tech related developments. His love for Technology spills over into his deep roots with music, be that performing live on stage or creating music in the studio.

Philip has an in-depth knowledge of business development. He has been in different managerial position, developing and growing small businesses. He takes the time to identify the customer’s needs and ensure the best possible solution to any problem. His enthusiasm for leadership comes from his involvement in his direct community to grow and develop youth leadership.

Philip has a passion for the outdoors and always looking for the next adventure, working together to bring environmental awareness and to reduce the carbon footprint to building a better future for the next generation.

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