The Elon® Range – Solar PV Water Heating made possible

How it works

The PowerOptimal Elon® operates on a very simple principle: it enables direct current (DC) electricity produced by solar PV modules to be used directly for water heating using a standard electric geyser with alternating current (AC) heating element and AC thermostat.

The Elon can run completely off-grid, or with grid AC power as backup.

No inverter or batteries needed!

Product Info

The Elon® 100 – solar PV water heating

The innovative PowerOptimal Elon® 100 incorporates proprietary solar PV (photovoltaic) power management technology to allow for direct solar PV DC to electric geyser power provision and switching and optimised solar power use in a single compact unit.

The system can be connected to the grid (AC mains) as well, and intelligently switches between AC and solar power supply. The system requires no inverter and no battery and can be connected to standard AC geyser heating elements and AC thermostats, which translates into the most cost-effective solar water heating option today.

Heat your water with the power of the sun!

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