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Press Release, Johannesburg, South Africa, May 26, 2020. See also Engineering News, Stuff Magazine and Intelligent CIO. PowerOptimal, a leader in innovative sustainable energy and demand management

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(Click here for a 2022 update to this article) In 2015 and 2017 we published infographics showing Eskom annual tariff increases since 1988 compared to inflation.

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Electricity prices in South Africa have dramatically outpaced inflation over the past decade (ever since the 2008 electricity supply shortage crisis). Recently,

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Please note: this article has been updated – click here for the 2021 version. With the rapid increase in the price of electricity and water over

China Panda Power Plant

One thing is certain: the energy industry is undergoing rapid and dramatic change, and mostly to our collective benefit! There are too

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It has been an interesting year in the energy industry so far. Here are some key recent developments:

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